Your kids are always tinkering and thrive on building new things… Inspiring young minds don’t have to be such a struggle.

What you need is a plan. You need a resource at your fingertips that will keep your kids engaged and learning without all the guesswork on your end.

Experimental Approach is becoming very critical for the future. The world needs critical thinkers, doers, and problem solvers. The world needs kids who understand science, who can adapt to the latest technology, and who can engineer new solutions to solve problems of all sizes. We are trying to make these science activities exciting, explorational, and inexpensive for kids.

The best way to explore science is to do FUN stuff. It’s been proven, that kids learn fast when it’s hands-on. We provide a safe environment for our kids to explore, learn from their mistakes, encourage curiosity, risk-taking and a growth mindset in our kids.

Every Saturday we come up with a new exciting list of experiments, kids have the option to choose any one of the experiments they wish to do. This is thrilling! They get to work on what they wish to work on! This gives them a chance to dig in deeper, dirty their hands, learn from their mistakes & re-do till they are successful.

52 Weekend Experiments is created to help inspire your children to:

Question Like a Scientist;
Design like a Technologist;
Build like an Engineer;
Create like an Artist;
Deduce like a Mathematician;
play like a Kid – Loads of Fun.

Course Fee:    Rs.300 per session

Duration of Session:  2.5 hrs

Days: Every Saturday (2pm – 4:30 pm)