Vision and mission

We work towards achieving our vision, mission and core values by:

  • Developing interests and knowledge
  • Being willing to take up challenging goals in pursuit of excellence in all we do
  • Building strong personal relationships, being easy to access and sharing knowledge
  • Respecting the environment in which we exist – the place, the people, the issues
  • To provide affordable, unparalleled and the best of education to the student community.
  • Provide knowledge through innovative and effective learning methodologies, constant improvement, cultivation of practical skills and unflinching commitment to academic quality.
  • Developing individual ability while contributing to building a stronger team
  • Creating room for play – laughter, games and exploration – in everything

Our Mission

  • We are dedicated to enabling students to master the concepts.
  • To continue to endorse the tradition of providing the best of services to the student community.
  • To bring out the hidden talents of those sections of the students who are equally capable like their counterparts, but lack opportunities.
  • To build on a position of leadership with ethics by providing quality education to the students.

Our CSR initiatives

  • Teaching underprivileged and Economically Weak children from the vicinity at our center free of cost.
  • Conducting classes at a highly subsidized rate for needy schools.