Who We Are ?

Infinite Mindz is after school program.  Unlike other educational centers, where the primary focus is on school syllabus, we concentrate on the long-term holistic development of a child’s mathematical ability and scientific curiosity.

Infinite Mindz as the name suggests is an IDEAL, NONJUDGMENTAL, FUN place to INSPIRE, NURTURE, IGNITE & TRANSFORM unrealized potential to EXCELLENCE.

Due to the fact that Infinite Mindz services extremely personalized and customized worksheet tailored to individual child’s need, we have a very good track record of success.

We provide a optimal learning environment designed for the overall development of a child’s thinking process.  Our learning environment is designed to enhance this learning experience introducing them to the design thinking which help them to collaborate with each other and most importantly allows them to explore their Analytical skills and creativity.

We are constantly & consistently improvising its methodologies & processes for better understanding & learning.

What Do We do ?

While we customize our programs to match specific needs, we emphasise on

Practical education is provided through real-life examples & tips and tricks provided through discussions.

Highly interactive courses to ensure that all concepts are clear to the students.

We have a rich course material which we are constantly improvising.

Fun worksheets & practice sheets.

Scientific Aptitude built through Experimental Approach.

Learning designed as per individual specific needs through pre-assessments.

Online practice links & Maths mastermind techniques to speed up mental calculations.

Mock Exams.

Why Infinite Mindz ?

We are Ideal place for children of varying calibres & potential.

We are non-judgemental. We focus on individual learning needs to make it effective.

We have passionate teachers who make learning fun & easy.

We provide an inspiring environment by nurturing individual needs & igniting the flame to constantly keep challenging oneself to perform better.

We transform by pushing children on the track of discovery by actual application of concepts to achieve excellence.

It's not about how we teach Maths.

All that matters is What and How we teach.
  • Loads of fun
  • No More Maths Phobia

It's better to have your concepts caught than being taught.

Fun fundamentals through Activities.

Math is Made by the Human mind. It's a MIND GAME.

Say No to - Endless Repetitions.

Say No to - Mugging up.

Say No to - Boredom.

Say No to - Math Phobia.

Say No to - Science Formulae Phobia.

Say No to - Usual Class Room Teaching.


What Do We offer?

The Never Before, Unique, Excitement Packed Mathematics Programs.
Comprehensive Math Lab and IQ Lab integrated Programs.
Science Lab integrated scholastic Aptitude Development programs.
Unmatched Training to achieve higher results at Olympiads/ Talent Search Examinations in Mathematics & Science.
Unmatched Online Practice Resource for Students.
Faculty Development and Teachers training programs for Schools and Institutions.