Math’s for IB, IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE School Curriculum.

ICSE & CBSE: We follow the School Curriculum for the children. Provide worksheets for practice and help the children get their fundamentals right. Multiple tests and personalized feedback enables the child to develop faster and helps them minimize their errors. We focus on increasing concentration in the child and foster self-learning. After every concept, we encourage the child to prepare a concept map on what they have understood. We have noticed that teaching concepts to the child before the school covers them has given a competitive edge to the child and increases his overall confidence. This also serves as a revision for the child when the teacher covers these topics in school. Every child is different, but in majority of cases we have noticed that children struggle on certain topics – Geometry, Graphs, Probability, and Profit & Loss being some of these topics. To get confidence in the child, we teach them not only theory, but also teach them practically. This helps the child visualize when he encounters a similar problem, this also helps them unclutter their mind and start thinking for solutions in practical way rather than just memorizing.

PSAT coaching for Children.

PSAT relies on your learning history, it’s important you start paying attention to your classes and homework as early in your high school career as possible (and hopefully you were always doing this in the first place!). If you’re not already a vivid reader, you need to start. Reading has been proven to not only increase your knowledge, creativity, and passion for the world, but it helps you with critical thinking skills that transfer very well to test-taking. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you. We will 1st assess what areas you are strong and what needs attention! We then make a customized plan which aligns with your school curriculum. Aligning to school curriculum is super critical, otherwise, it can become overwhelming! We will provide ample training worksheets. One of the key aspects we would be focusing is” time management”, “stress management” & “error-free”.