Customized subjects for Science.

We believe that children don’t need all-up Science coaching. There are some topics which they will be very comfortable and then there will be some which they just don’t understand. Keeping the best interest of the child in mind, we are open for customizing what the child wants and align it with school curriculum. The way we do it is simple – we speak to the child, understand the Chapters where they need support. Based on which Chapter the school teaches, we finish that particular chapter beforehand. This provides confidence to the child when they go and listen to the same chapter in school, this also boosts their confidence that they have understood and serves as a revision for the child. Apart from this, we enable learning thru’ hands-on-activities. We make the children do experiments to clear their doubts; we make them do concept maps to analyze what they have understood and what they haven’t. We encourage the child to do 2-3 projects on the concepts which are of most tough – all these projects will be based on design thinking ideologies. This will help the child develop overall and start loving Science. Since is FUN, we should learn it that way, science is all around us and we should experience it by exploring it!!

Duration:  4hrs / week (Math)

3hrs / week (Science) on Saturdays between 2pm – 5pm

Enrollment Criteria: Every Student must take up a free assessment test before enrollments. The Child should have cleared IQ test with minimum required Marks. Based on the assessment, the focus contents and the lesson plan are given to the individual students.